Resonance is celebrating 10 years of singing on the Central Coast, and we are proud of our place as the only choral music in our area during the height of the summer season. We provide something unique to the musical culture of our community, and we believe that great choral art should be available year-round, not just during the academic year.

Each year’s journey begins with new member auditions in the winter, reading sessions in the spring, rehearsals in June and July, and culminates with our recording sessions and concert in August. Each season we prepare our program of 100% a cappella repertoire in just under two months. In this sense, Resonance is almost like a “festival chorus” – a brief, intensive program built of quality, experienced singers from throughout the Central Coast of California, coming together once a year to make choral magic. It is a truly special ensemble.

Another important aspect of Resonance is a focus on recording. We pour many hard hours each year into ensuring our music lasts for future enjoyment. While live performance is the “mountaintop” experience to be sure, quality recordings allow you to revisit that mountaintop over and over again. We would love to get a copy of one of our great recordings into your hands! Please visit our online store to see our current offerings. You can also view our 2021 program (“Seasons”) in its entirety here.

To keep up on the latest Resonance news, please visit our News and Updates page. You can also keep up with our goings on by visiting us on Facebook.

Thank you again for visiting this page, and supporting this great ensemble – sharing what we do, with each other and with you, is the best part of being in a choir. We at Resonance truly believe that we are the best and purest versions of ourselves when we are singing together. Blessings to you and yours.

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Paul Osborne

Founder/Director, Resonance

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