From all of us involved in Resonance, we want to say thank you for your donation and support! Resonance is 100% community funded which means we are only able to grow and thrive with the support of our community members.

A BIG thank you to our current donors:


  • Autumn Long
  • Jeanette and Michael Irving
  • Andrea Ahern (Singer Sponsor for Grady Ahern)
  • Wendy and John Fuentes (Director Sponsor for Paul Osborne)
  • Jonathan Lambert (Singer Sponsor for Liam Daley)
  • Chase Keightley (Singer Sponsor for Chris Keightley)
  • Cricket Handler (Singer Sponsor for Kristina Horacek, Jessica George, Karla Sångare and Melodie Beard)

  • John Cribb
  • Eunice Lee (Singer Sponsor for Kara Pecson)
  • Keith and Jean Gorrindo (Singer Sponsor for George Gorrindo)
  • Nancy and Chuck Stivers (Singer Sponsor for Kara Pecson)
  • Dave and Karen Milton (Director Sponsor for Paul Osborne)
  • Chris Linebarger (Singer Sponsor for Kristen Telling)
  • Glenn Hascall (Singer Sponsor for Anne Kanter)