We at Resonance are proud of our place as the only concert of local choral music in San Luis Obispo during the height of the summer season. We are also proud of our commitment to the presentation of entirely a cappella repertoire. We provide something unique to the musical culture of our community, and believe that great choral art should be available year-round.

Each season’s journey begins with brainstorm sessions in January, new member auditions and reading sessions in the spring, and rehearsals hit the ground running in June. That’s right, each year we prepare our program in just two months, and maintain a high level of performance and repertoire complexity.

Another important aspect of our ensemble is our focus on recording. We pour many hard hours each year into ensuring our music lasts for future enjoyment. We would love to get a copy of one of our great albums into your hands, so that you may also enjoy! If you would like to purchase a copy, visit our online store. If you feel moved to contribute to Resonance or become a donor, please visit our support or donor pages.

Thank you again for visiting this page, and supporting this great ensemble – sharing what we do, with each other and with you, is the best part of being in a choir. We in Resonance truly believe that we are the best and purest versions of ourselves when we are singing together. Blessings to you and yours. 

  • Paul Osborne – Director, Resonance


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